Reflexology, its just a foot massage right?


I often get asked this question by clients who are curious about,  but don’t really understand how reflexology can help them.

Reflexology is an ancient healing practise which is based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to the bodys organs and by massaging and applying gentle pressure to these points your body can help to heal itself.

The human foot has almost 15000 nerve endings which means that there are 15000 pathways back into your body to help it relax and heal.

Reflexology can help with many conditions such as headaches and migraines, digestive issues, sleep problems, back and joint pain, general overall health and wellbeing as well as fertility and pregnancy related issues.  Suitable for everyone babies, children, teenagers and adults, reflexology is a wonderful, non invasive treatment and one of my favourite treatments to give. I find it fascinating how your feet can tell me all about you and clients are always amazed when I feed back what I have found during a treatment.

During a treatment you remain fully clothed and I tuck you up under a blanket on my heated couch.  I give your feet a lovely hot foot treatment to get your feet nice and relaxed and then I start the treatment, which lasts on average 45-60 minutes.  At the end of treatments clients always comment on how relaxed they feel, many go away and feedback that they have slept better and felt generally better in themselves.

So why not try something new, book in for a reflexology session and give those feet a treat!



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