Reflexology Special Offer


As you can see from the footmap above, reflexology can help with so many health conditions, from stress and anxiety, digestive issues, sleep problems, headaches and migranes to bad backs, hormonal and pregnancy related issues to name just a few.

Unfortunately reflexology is not a quick fix solution, very much like diet and exercise, just as a day of salads and circuit classes wont make you slim and healthy neither will one reflexology treatment cure all your health problems.  Reflexology like any ‘medicine’ will need a course of treatments for you to really see the health benefits.

For this reason I am offering a course of 6 treatments for just £120 which works out at only £20 per 60 minute appointment or a whopping 28.5% discount per treatment.

By booking a course of regular treatments you will be allowing your body to return to a state of homeostasis, meaning all of the bodies organs are working together and at their best, which will in turn help you to feel more energised and healthier.

Treatments can be taken weekly, fortnightly or monthly, to take advantage of this amazing offer all 6 treatments need to be booked and taken by the end of June 2019.


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