Full Body Massage ~ £28

 Full body relaxation using Swedish technique to help relieve stress, ease muscle tension and aid general wellness.

Back Massage ~ £18

 Swedish technique concentrating solely on the back, neck and shoulders to help relieve tension and aid relaxation.

Reflexology ~ £28

A relaxing treatment using points on the feet to help your body restore itself to its natural balance.

Reflexology for Fertility and Conception ~ £28

Helps you stay positive and calm and gives emotional support throughout your fertility and conception journey. Can help with natural conception, menstural cycle/hormonal imbalance, quality and quantity of sperm, stress related problems.


Maternity Reflexology ~ £28

A gentle treatment to help support the physical and emotional health of pregnant women.
Used for general well-being and can help with issues such as sleeping problems and back ache. Maternity reflexology will help support your body to prepare for labour.

Hot Stone Back Massage ~ £18

A combination of Swedish Massage used with Basalt Hot Stones, concentrating solely on the back, neck and shoulders to help ease muscles and relieve tension, promoting deeper muscle relaxation.

Hot Stone Massage ~ £28

Full Body indulgent treatment using Basalt Stones, will melt away tension, ease muscle stiffness and pain, leaving you fully relaxed.

Indian Head Massage ~ £18

 Relaxing, soothing massage focussing on scalp, face, upperback, neck and shoulders, helps to relieve tension and release stress.

Deep Tissue Massage ~ £18

Specifically for clients with muscular pain and tenderness, a deeper massage which focuses on and treats specific problems, ideal for people who do a lot of sport.

Pregnancy Massage ~ £28

Wonderfully relaxing full body massage designed to help the health and wellbeing of mum to be and baby.

Baby and Toddler Reflex Classes ~ £30

Three week courses showing you how to use gentle touch reflexology to help soothe and calm your baby or toddler. Can help with colic, constipation, teething and aid restful sleep as well as being a wonderful way of bonding with your child.

Please contact me for course dates and booking form.

Gift Vouchers Available £5 – £100.